My Dog, Lucky

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My Dog, Lucky

Diem Duong

Lucky was the name of my puppy. He was a Japanese-breed dog. When my grandfather bought him, he was one year old. He was the same age as I at that time.

He had a gorgeous coat and bright eyes. He was not tall, and he was not heavy, either. Always, he looked on the bright side of everything.

My grandfather taught him to shake hands. When my grandfather said, “Bonjour,” Lucky’s hand held my grandfather’s hand. He practiced every day with me. Finally, he was a success in training. When anybody in my house said, “Lucky . . . Lucky . . . bonjour,” he immediately ran to and shook hands with his master.

He was very smart, and he had sharp hearing. When anyone in my family came back home, he ran to the door, his hands held the door and his tail shook continuously to say, “Welcome home.” If you were a stranger, he would bark loudly.

Every day, he was given a shower by my grandmother. After that, she combed out his coat. Then he lay in the sunshine. He looked more handsome after he took a shower.

He loved to jump on my sofa. Sometimes he danced with my cousins. When my cousins played football, he played together with them. He jumped for joy, and his tail shook continuously. We loved him so much.

My neighbors loved him so much, too. They borrowed him to breed, and my grandfather agreed. After they took him to my home, he sometimes ran into the road.

One day, he ran into the street, and then we did not see him come back home. My grandfather asked our neighbors for him, but nobody saw him.

My grandfather returned home very sad. He decided to look for Lucky at Cu Market on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, where people sold many kinds of dogs.

The next day, my grandfather woke up early and went to Huynh Thuc Khang Street to find Lucky. He said, “I looked in every shop on Huynh Thuc Khang Street.” When Lucky saw my grandfather, he jumped up, with hands raised and his tail constantly wagging. My grandfather ran to embrace him, and he gave my grandfather a firm handshake. My grandfather bought him again at a high price.

Everyone in my house ran to Lucky and my grandfather when they returned home. We gave him handshakes, and he ran around our house with his tail constantly turning, as if to say, “I am very glad and happy to come back to our house.”

My grandmother gave him a delicious meal, then she gave him a shower, she combed out his coat, and he was lying in the sunshine.

Lucky lived very happily with us.


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  1. Author’s family and lucky to live together, they established the deep affection.We take care of animal , our life more beautiful.

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