New York City has (arguably) the best parks of any city in the United States. Every weekend, there are tons of free events and activities happening at them. This Saturday and Sunday, you can do the following things for free at various parks around town:

Go running, go bird watching, do yoga, go for a walk along the beach, study English, do gardening, go to an art exhibit, go on a tour, watch a basketball tournament, crochet, go kayaking, go canoeing, do arts and crafts, play ping pong, play board games, play kubb, play golf, practice juggling, watch a magic show, work out, take a citizenship class, learn how to draw, watch a Shakespeare play, go to a concert, go dancing, go camping, watch a movie, do tai chi, go surfing, go hiking, make a sand castle, learn about dragonflies, watch stand-up comedy, do zumba – and more!


Click here to see a complete listing of this weekend’s free events at NYC Parks.



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