88 thoughts on “Staff Spotlight: Janel

    • That’s a diificult question because there are so many great movies! I don’t think I can name just one but I do have a favorite director, Pedro Almodovar.

    • I like going to the park the best. It is great to take a walk or go for a picnic when the weather is nice. Sometimes in the summer, they show movies in the park which is great because you can be outside and watch a movie!

    • I’m from Colorado and the weather is usually much nicer than NYC. It gets more snow but a lot more sunshine! The summers are not humid and not as hot.

  1. How are you,JANEL.i know you are the movie teacher,what movie is better for me to lean english ,Thank you!

  2. Janel: How are you? You seem nice and very sweet.
    Do you like poems? Closed form(fixed verse) or Open form (free verse) ?

  3. Finally,I get your reply. Thank you!!! I ‘ve checked e-mail every day.I think “haiku”
    means long time ( in Chinese).
    Let me give you a suggestion.You can talk to my teacher,Who’s name is Joe.
    He is a expert in[at] teaching poem. You don’t think of a haiku.

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