The Immigrant Experience: Sandra



Living in the United States: Then and Now

Sandra, Class 4.5

I have been living in New York since I came to the U.S. six months ago. It was the beginning of summer when I arrived in the Big Apple. I felt excited and not tired even though I had sat in the plane for over 16 hours.

While my uncle was driving me home, I saw lots of green trees, divergent Roman-style architecture, and smelled the fresh air. After my uncle told me that each of those buildings maybe had a hundred years of history, it shocked me so much because they looked kind of new and there was no moss growing on the foundations. I resembled a kid who was eager to know everything that I saw.

In addition, what surprised me was that many teenagers were sort of skinny. According to news articles and other things I had heard, it seemed most Americans preferred high-calorie foods. Now, I think that physical exercise could be the major reason to help them stay in shape.

Right now, the summer is coming to an end, and the winter is closer and closer. The leaves that were green as I reached the super city are trading green for various colors. Some of them are golden yellow, while others are blazing red or pale orange. The air is still fresh, but the temperature has been decreasing. I heard that there is generally a lot of snow in the winter. That makes me so excited because I haven’t seen snow in my hometown.

During the past six months, I have been getting used to the new place and studying American culture. Besides that, I have to get familiar with seeking jobs in New York. Everything is a new start!


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