Goals! Goals! Goals!


New Year’s is a time for people to make resolutions and set goals. Class 3A recently wrote about their goals – click here to read about their hopes, their dreams, their schemes for the future. The image above contains the most common words in Class 3A’s writing – and the bigger, the word is, the more it was used. As you can see, the biggest word is “English.”

Here’s one student’s essay:

My Goal

Yan Wang

Class 3A

My goal is to get a good job. I want to be a business lady and work in an international trading company. To reach my goal, I need to take an English class to improve my English. I think it will take me about two years. Meanwhile, I need to learn more about American culture and American government regulations. Then, I think I need to participate in some job fairs to get experience like interview skills. I can start from a basic position.

Forgetting all of the past and starting again is very hard. But if I don’t give up, I’ll reach my goal.

Click here to read more student writing.

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