NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

The first-ever NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar is now for sale and all proceeds are going to benefit University Settlement!

Phil Kirkman and his fiancé, Shannon McLaughlin, decided to create this tongue-in-cheek, “beefcake” calendar showcasing some of New York City’s most photogenic cabbies, as a way of celebrating this under-appreciated group of workers who are so integral to life in NYC.  And because nearly 90% of New York City’s taxi drivers are immigrants, they decided they wanted all proceeds to go to an organization with a strong and celebrated history of working with immigrants in New York.  They found University Settlement through the Activist New York exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York last year, and after visiting our website, decided we’d be a great fit as a charity partner.

 As Phil says, “From our experience, we’ve been moved when a story is told via a medium that results in laughter and joy, and that’s what we’re hoping to do with the calendar. Our goal is to raise awareness and get people talking about important issues and do so in a fun, unique way.”

Please spread the word among friends and family, and get your calendar today – while they’re hot off the presses…

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