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One of our evening classes, E2, recently wrote about their families. E2 is taught by Evelyn, and they usually have class in the Computer Lab. Below you can read one essay by Su Ling Zeng, and you can read more by clicking here.

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Su Ling Zeng

Class E2


My mother is Ping Qin. She is 69 years old. She has short hair and brown eyes. Her hair is a little gray. She doesn’t look like an old person. She is vital. She likes to do exercise every day. She is outgoing, warm-hearted and kind. So, my mother looks young.

My mother was born in China. She grew up in a village. She raised us very hard. She always tells us, “You should be an honest and hard-working person. If someone needs help, you should help them first.” My mother likes to cook. When she cooks good food, she will share the food with neighbors, and she likes to help others. For example, my mother’s neighbor had a baby last year. Nobody could take care of her older daughter. She knocked on the door and asked my mother. My mother said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your daughter.” That time it was at 3 am!

My mother always tells us, “You should unite together. The family will be warm and affectionate.” When my mother calls us to discuss something, my sister, two brothers and I will come to my mother’s home very quickly. We visit my mother once a week at least.

My mother is retired now, but she is very busy every day. She helps me to take care of my two kids. She lives in Chinatown. She likes to eat Chinese food. Chinatown has a lot of Chinese culture. She loves it. She likes to watch Chinese shows. Sometimes, I like to go there to watch Chinese shows with my mother. I don’t feel she is my mother. I feel she is my close friend. My mother is a great mother. I will love my mother forever.

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