Idiom of the Week: Cut Class

skip class

Meaning: to skip a school class or a day of school without an excuse; also called skipping school or playing hooky.

Watch a video about one of the most legendary class cutters, Ferris Bueller.


-It’s too beautiful to be inside today. I’m cutting class and going to the beach!

-Michael found out the student cut class and told them not to come back.

-Cindy: I’m going to cut class and go the movies today.

 Talisa: You shouldn’t skip school, we have a test soon and need to prepare.

 Cindy: You’re right, let’s go to school. We can play hooky another day.

Pop Quiz:bueller2

A student is cutting class if they don’t go to school because…

A. They are too tired.

B. They are sick.

C. It is a holiday and there is no school.

Read the correct answer below

The correct answer is A. Being tired is not an excuse to miss class. If you are too ill and call out or if there is a holiday and no school then you are not cutting class.

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