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This post is from our E4 teacher, Mary Staub. Mary shares some language learning strategies she’s used. We also get to watch a video of her students sharing their favorite tips to improve their English. Read and watch below, then share some of your favorite ways to practice English in the comments section:

Foreign languages have always been part of my life.

I grew up bilingually, speaking Swiss German swissand English since childhood, and started learning French and Spanish during high school. More recently, I’ve tried to start englishlearning Arabic.  Over the years, I’ve used a lot of different language learning strategies to help me improve more quickly.


For example, when I was living in Seville, Spain, for eight months during college, I looked for opportunities to meetferiaSpanish people and took part in all the town festivals. I also joined a Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) group capoeirawhile I was there, where all of the members spoke only Spanish. This forced me to use Spanish all the time and helped me become more fluent. Another thing I did was take dance classes from a teacher who spoke only Spanish. All her instructions were in Spanish so I had to learn to

Another thing I did and continue to do is to read as much as possible in Spanish or French. I read books, newspapers, or ???????????????????????????????anything else that I am interested in. I look up the words that  I don’t understand and seem important. newspapersThen I write the ones I want to remember in a journal  so I can review them. I also sometimes make flashcards, especially at the beginning when I’m learning a new language. That’s what I did when I started learning Arabic.


I also practice using new words and phrases by imagining little conversations where I can use them or I’ll try to start ‘thinking’ in the language. I often do this when I’m taking the subway or riding my bike and have time to let my mind wander.


Watch the video to hear about the language learning strategies that some of my E4 students use. Then add a comment to share some of your own strategies.

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6 thoughts on “Language Learning Strategies

  1. I like to practice English by reading books and magazines. Also I like to read newspapers. I also watch TV and movies in English.

  2. I like to practice English by talking with people,and imitate the people who speak native English. Also I watch movies in English,and try to read newspapers.
    Even I try to do my best but I still feel it is hard to get big improvement.

    • Imitating is an interesting way to improve your English. Many people say the way we learn a language as a child is by imitating, do you agree with this? Also, do you have a favorite English movie?

  3. I like to practice English by different ways, such as reading books that fit your level, newspaper articles (choose the matter that you like it), speaking with American people (any choice is good, for example, in the train, in the library …), watching movies, listening to music and writing.
    I think that we should take every opportunity that comes to us or search it.

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