Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy New Year, everybody! 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Below is a pretty good video describing the history of Chinese New Year. To better understand the video, here are some keywords along with their definitions:

  • parades  (noun)  many people walking down the street to celebrate a holiday or special occasion
  • firecrackers   (noun) small explosives that make a loud noise
  • celebrate   (verb) to do something special for a holiday
  • joyous   (adjective) very happy
  • customs   (noun) traditions
  • tradition   (noun) a custom 
  • lunar calendar   a way of measuring the year by the moon
  • abundance   (noun) having a lot of something
  • auspicious   (adjective) bringing good luck
  • feast   (noun) a big meal
  • lantern   (noun) a special light that hangs down
  • evil spirits   bad ghosts, demons, devils, etc.
  • good fortune  good luck

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