Hurricane Sandy Alert – No Classes Monday

We’re sure you have all heard about Hurricane Sandy approaching NYC. The MTA will begin shut down at 7:00 PM on Sunday evening. As of now, no one can say when service will return.

Classes are cancelled for tomorrow, Monday, October 29th.

Be sure to check New York City Severe Weather website to get the latest news and alerts. Also, please be sure to read Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York Cityfor tips and plans for emergency situations:

Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City

This is a good time to stay inside and catch up on your studies and homework. You can read more about hurricanes, how they form and work at Simple English Wikipedia.

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7 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Alert – No Classes Monday

  1. Thank you very much for notice about hurricanes information.
    We can be stay inside and catch up on our studies and finish our homework also.

  2. Yes, thanks a lot. I already bought some necessities, just in case it’s flooding I won’t get out, Lol~

  3. Oh, it’s so sad. I can’t go to school tomorrow? Why? Jon said we need to go to school unless we die. I don’t know if I die tomorrow. I’m alive now. What can I do tomorrow without English class, Jeez.

  4. I went to the “New York City Severe Weather” website and got a new alert: “Notification issued 10/29/12 at 12:05 PM. Due to severe weather conditions, all New York City Public Schools will be closed tomorrow 10/30/12. For more information:” . What about our class?

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