3 thoughts on “Want vs. Would Like

  1. Thank you for explained what are the words of “want” and “would like” meanings. So that let me know how to use those words. Thank you very much!

  2. Se Bai Ling
    Essay: “My good friend” 09/19/2012
    I love my friend Cindy, she is a smart, kind, and wonderful girl.
    I know her for four years, she lives in Brooklyn of New York City, she is 26 years old, she is my younger friend.
    Cindy works in an architecture company, she works hard and studies hard. She studies in N.Y.U. on every Saturday in an afternoon class, I met her in that class for four years ago, we are schoolmates.
    Cindy talks with me after school often. We talk about our jobs, our lives, and our family events, and we talk another things often.
    Cindy is a very kind and nice young girl, she hasn’t married yet, but she told me that she has a boyfriend right now.
    We contact each other often. Sometimes we e-mails daily, sometimes we meet in the coffee shops or restaurants, we talk on the cellphone frequently.
    Cindy is a very patient girl, she is never angry even thought she meets difficulty; she is a smart girl because she does the job well and studies get good scores; she is a kindly and wonderful person. Cindy is one of my good friend in my life.
    I am hopeful that she not only has bright future, but has a happy family also. I’m hopeful that we have a good friendship forever.

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