Breonna Taylor

In addition to George Floyd, you may have heard the name Breonna Taylor in connection with recent Black Lives Matter protests. Read the brief summary of her case in English and traditional Chinese below, courtesy of Send Chinatown Love:

Justice for Breonna Taylor | Traditional Chinese/English

請點擊此連結了解更多關於布倫娜·泰勒(Breonna Taylor)、連署請願以及個人捐款等相關事宜

今天(六月五日)是 Breonna Taylor 的二十七歲生日。她曾是位受褒揚的緊急醫務人員,更想當上護士。

Today (6/5) is Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. She was an award-winning EMT and had aspirations of becoming a nurse.

三月十三日,她與男朋友 Kenneth Walker 在家裡,突然聽到有人闖入。

On March 13, Breonna and her boyfriend, Kenneth, were in bed when they heard people entering their house.

一群便衣警察,也沒敲門,就破門而入。他們聲稱有搜索令,懷疑 Breonna 的家中藏著一名毒販 Jamarcus Glover 的毒品或現金。Glover 當時已早被警方逮補。

According to the search warrant, police believed a suspected drug dealer named Jamarcus Glover – who did not live with Breonna – was keeping drugs or money at her house. Glover was already in police custody at this time.

The police were not in uniform. According to Breonna’s boyfriend and neighbors, they did not knock. They simply forcibly entered Breonna’s house.

Breonna 的男朋友第一時間誤認便衣警察為入侵者,打 911 報警,並拿出槍射中一名警察的腿。他的槍是合法持有,當地的法律也允許個人向入侵者開槍。

Her boyfriend, thinking they were intruders, called 911 and pulled out a gun. He shot at one officer’s leg. Kenneth has a license to carry a gun and lives in a state where it is legal to shoot at intruders if they are breaking into your home.


Remember, the cops were not in uniform, and neighbors and Kenneth say that they did not announce themselves when entering.

警方的反應則是開槍 20 多發,射死 Breonna Taylor。子彈更波及隔壁的公寓,裡面住著一名孕婦與五歲小孩。

The officers responded by shooting more than 20 times, fatally striking Breonna. Bullets also flew into the adjacent home, where a pregnant woman and a five-year-old were sleeping. 

後來,警方指控男朋友 Walker 殺人未遂(最後並未起訴)。Breonna 的家裡則沒搜出任何毒品。到今天,沒有任何人為了 Breonna 的死而被起訴。Breonna 還活著的話,今天是 27 歲。

The police charged Walker with attempted murder (the charges were since dropped). No drugs were found in their house. As of today, no one has been charged with Breonna’s murder.

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And Spanish too!

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A Message from University Settlement

In full support of the democratic right to dissent and protest, we join with many other voices of outrage across the country to call for justice for George Floyd. As our African-American staff, family members and communities express righteous anger at the injustice they face every day, we share in it and stand with them in solidarity.

我們全力支持人們擁有發表異見及抗議的民主權利,為此,我們與全國各地許多其他憤怒的聲音一起呼籲,為非洲裔男子佛洛伊德(George Floyd)伸張正義。當我們的非裔美國人員工、家庭成員以及社區,為自己每日所遭遇的不公不義而憤怒發聲時,我們感同身受並與他們團結一致。

En total apoyo al derecho democrático a disentir y protestar, nos unimos a muchas otras voces de indignación en todo el país para pedir justicia para George Floyd. A medida que nuestro personal afroamericano, los miembros de la familia y las comunidades expresan una ira justa por la injusticia que enfrentan todos los días, compartimos y nos solidarizamos con ellos.

University Settlement also signed on to this letter as part of the United Neighborhood Houses:

“George Floyd’s murder is not an isolated incident, but rather part of a deadly and familiar trend. The senseless killing of black and brown people by police officers is a public health emergency our country has the power to stop. Leaders and policy makers must grapple with our history of white supremacy and acknowledge how power, privilege, and oppression continues to shape daily life in America before we can ever hope to live in a country where communities of color are truly free.

New York’s settlement houses have been progressive leaders in this State for over a century and continue to speak out against racial injustices while building inclusive communities. Today they fight racist ideology in public policy debates from so-called “voter ID laws” to the discrimination against Asian Americans during the coronavirus outbreak to the higher social-distancing arrests and summons in communities of color. During a global pandemic, we have seen the stark consequences of that racist ideology laid bare as black and brown New Yorkers are dying at twice the rate of their white neighbors.

United Neighborhood Houses continues to reckon with America’s racist legacy, and together with our member settlement houses, we affirm our commitment to serving as allies, listening when challenged, and leveraging what power and privilege we have to fight systemic racism. We stand shoulder to shoulder with settlement houses in extending our deepest condolences to George Floyd’s family while repeating the mantra that has shaped the latest iteration of America’s long-running battle for civil rights: Black Lives Matter.”

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