Excuse My French Revisited

Flag of France.svg

Speaking of French, we used many French words and phrases in English. Here are some examples from Wikipedia:

adieu, avant-garde, baguette, bon appetit, bon voyage, boulevard, brunette, café, carte blanche, chauffer, chic, cliché, clique, coquette, coup d’etat, croissant, cul-de-sac, décor, déjà vu, derriere, en route, ennui, entrée, entrepreneur, façade, faux, faux pas, femme fatale, fiancé, fiancée, film noir, forte, gaffe, genre, hors d’oeuvre, impasse, je ne sais quoi, laissez-faire, liason, lingerie, malaise, Mardi Gras, melee, milieu, montage, motif, mousse, nouveau riche, omelette, panache, parole, pastiche, poseur, prairie, protégé, provocateur, rapport, reconnaissance, renaissance, repertoire, sabotage, sauté, savant,  savoir-faire, silhouette, soiree, tour de force, vinaigrette, and voyeur.

What’s the Weather Like Today?

Here’s a video from Real English about the weather. In this video, you will hear some of the following words (the equal sign means they have similar meanings):

cloudy = overcast = dull = gray

sunny = bright = clear

rainy = raining = damp = drizzly

windy = breezy = brisk

cool = crisp

cold = chilly = freezing

warm = mild

wonderful = beautiful = pleasant = nice

Now watch the video. The first time just watch and listen, the second time you can read, too:

What’s the weather like today? Leave a reply!