Let’s Practice Reading: Time Differences

My name is Paula and I love living in New York City. It is the most beautiful city in America. It has people from many different countries, such as China, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Korea, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Peru. My neighbor Seojun is from Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is fourteen (14) hours ahead of New York! This means that on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm in New York City, it is already Wednesday at 3:00 am in Seoul!  Seojun has trouble adjusting to NYC time. He is hungry at midnight and he is wide awake in the mornings. These days, he is a night owl. Sometimes he is up until 3 in the morning and he wakes up at lunch time!

 To help Seojun adjust, I gave him medicine so he goes to sleep in the evening. He has to wake up at 6am for school! Now it is February. In March, I think his schedule will be better.  He can be an early bird, like me! 

Good luck Seojun!

Answer the questions in full sentences please.

1.     Where does Paula live?

2.     Does she like to live there?

3.     Where is her neighbor from?

4.     What is the time difference from NYC to Seoul?

5. What time does Seojun wake up and go to sleep?

6.     What time does Seojun need to wake up for school?

7.   When will his schedule get better?

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