English in NYC Series: Mr. Softee

Practicing your English in NYC Series:

Mr. Softee!

Have you seen this truck?

Among NYC’s many delights is Mr. Softee, an ice cream truck that is a huge part of summer joy and childhood memories- and what better way to use English than talking about ice cream! 

Ice Cream Vocabulary:

Before jumping into the world of Mr. Softee, let’s start by looking at some ice cream vocabulary.

Here are some words and phrases you might need when ordering from an ice cream truck:

Mr. Softee is not just an ice cream truck; it is a part of New York City. It has been in NYC for many years.

One of the most exciting things about Mr. Softee is the menu. Practice common phrases and expressions like “Can I have a scoop of chocolate ice cream, please?” or “I’d like a vanilla cone with sprinkles, please.” Mr. Softee in NYC offers more than just delicious ice cream, it can provide you with a chance to learn new vocabulary and practice your English language in a fun and easy way. So, next time you hear Mr. Softee’s song, grab a sweet treat and practice your English skills!

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