Loisaida Month! Learn the history and Culture of the Lower East Side

May is Loisaida Month!

There are numerous events, but the most exciting one happens at the end of the month!

The Loisaida Festival – The largest Puerto Rican community celebration in Lower Manhattan since 1987!


The Loisaida Festival


SUNDAY, MAY 28 –  2023

Since 1987, the Loisaida Festival has honored its history by providing a platform to celebrate arts & culture through music, dance, arts, cuisine, and other cultural celecrations of the diverse ethnic groups and nationalities that make up the fabric of the neighborhood. The Loisaida Festival highlights the unity and resolve of the Lower East Side while featuring the contributions of the diverse immigrant communities, largely Puerto Rican and Latin American, who for many generations made such an indelible mark in its history, arts, culture, politics, economy, growth, and traditions. It continues to be an iconic event focusing on Latino culture, music, cuisine, and art, while envisioning a brighter, greener, and healthier future for our ever growing  communities.

For events happening before May 28th to celebrate Loisada month, click the link below.

Events for May 2023 | Loisaida Inc.

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