Itchy eyes? Runny Nose? Sneezing? Headaches?

It sounds like it might be…



If you’re anything like me, as soon as April hits, your allergies go wild!

According to the weather channel, there will be a moderate to high level of pollen in the air.

That means we will feel itchy, stuffy, and sneezy until it rains. Rain lowers the pollen levels in the air, making it easier for us to breathe. Make sure to take your allergy medicine, wear a mask if you’d like, and do your best to stay away from pollen and dust as you enjoy the warmer spring weather!

The pollen being released from the trees causes people to have allergies.

You can check the pollen levels in the air by watching the news, downloading a weather app to your smartphone, or going on and looking at the chart below.

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