Indoor Exercise- NYC Rec Centers

Stay fit through the winter!

Winter in NYC can be difficult. It’s cold. There’s very little sun. Everyone wants to stay inside, and it can be challenging to stay in shape while we stay indoors. But did you know that NYC has recreational centers (rec centers) where you can exercise? Some even have a pool and fitness classes!

A rec center is a building that is open to the public where meetings are held, sports are played, and there are activities available for young and old. Joining a rec center is an excellent opportunity to stay healthy indoors through the winter, make friends, and learn about your community!

The NYC rec centers try their best to be affordable and convenient. An adult membership for one year is only $150 for adults! Considering that most pools in NYC are about $100 a month, this is an excellent price.

Check out the website below and click on locations to find the closest rec center to your home or job!

Recreation Center Membership : NYC Parks (

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