Who Else Speaks English? Part 2!

If you saw our Instagram, you received a huge hint about one of the English speaking countries that we will talk about today!

was under British rule


English means Success in India !

India is home to many language including Hindi, but at least in North India, people believe that good command over English can make you successful in life. Up to some level this thinking is correct. Even if a person have no other technical skills, the English speaking skill can get him/her a job internationally, customer service, the tourism industry, and hospitality. Today, English in India is not just a passport to white collar jobs, but it is also linked to your personality, self esteem and confidence, which are essential quality to be successful.

Indian English Video

Source: How many people in India can speak ENGLISH ? – ब्रह्मज्ञान (brahmagyaan.in)

Another English speaking nation is…


Although Australia has aboriginal or native tribes with their own languages, English is Australia’s national language and is the most commonly used language in the nation.

In 1788, The British used to send their criminals to Australia which began new colonies of Australian English speakers. Settlers from England (especially from the military), and Ireland continued to flood in even later. Although Australia does not have an official language, English is the language most associated with Australia!

Check out this video of Australian English!


Source: Australia – Wikipedia

Our final English speaking country for this week is…

was under British rule!


Similar to India, the African country of Liberia speaks many native languages, but was also colonized by the British.

Since Liberia’s official founding in 1824, English has maintained its status as the most prominent language in the country. English serves as the official Liberian language, and an estimated 3 million people speak the form of pidgin English known as Liberian Kreyol language or Liberian Pidgin English.

Standard Liberian English or Liberian Settler English

Standard Liberian English is the language of those people whose African American ancestors from the United States and the Caribbean islands immigrated to Liberia in the nineteenth century. This variety is a transplanted variety of African American Vernacular English from the southern part of the United States.

Check out the link below to hear an example of Liberian English.

Liberian English! Video

Source: Liberia Languages • FamilySearch

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