Free Flu Shot

Free Flu shots will be provided by Mt. Sinai Hospital on Tuesday, November 16th starting at 10 am. If you would like to sign up, please email our Older Adults program at with your name and cell number and they will provide you with a time slot. Please note the following:

·  You must wear a mask through the whole process in order to get vaccinated.

·  Make sure you wear appropriate clothes to be able to get your arm in and out easily for vaccination.

·  No fever the day of vaccination.

·  You must show up ON TIME for your scheduled time slot, not before, not after, or you won’t be able to get the flu shot.

·  Social distancing will be maintained and required the whole time.

·  Your visit will only take between 15-20 minutes with a pre-safety screening, form filling out, and immunization.

·  Be prepared to be standing the whole time as the process moves fast.

·  You will be receiving the STANDARD FLU SHOT, which is quadrivalent and ok for anyone 18 years and older.

·  If you have received the COVID-19 Vaccination within 2 weeks of your scheduled flu shot date, we suggest you wait to get the flu shot until a later time frame.

·  No insurance is needed, this is a FREE flu vaccination.

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