Only 56% of your income?

Would you be OK with only 56% of your income?  Would you be OK with having electricity only 56% of the time?  What about garbage pick-ups? Healthcare?   

As of today,  56.4%  of households in NYC have completed the census and we need everyone’s help to raise our response rate.  It’s not too late to respond.  If everyone who already completed the census also got a friend, neighbor, or family member to complete it, we would already be at 100%!  


  • Do you know someone who left NYC due to Covid-19? Contact them and make sure they counted themselves at their New York City address, where they live most of the time. 
  • Encourage 100% participation from your coworkers or extended family.  
  • Know someone who speaks English as a new language?  Forward them 2020 Census information in their own language to answer their questions and encourage self-response.  
  • Promote 2020 Census and share how the census is safe, easy and important on your social media.  
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