Idiom of the Week: Homebody

Idiom of the Week has returned!

Snuggie couple Snuggie

Meaning: Someone who likes to stay home; someone who doesn’t like to go out or travel.


On a typical Friday night you can find me watching a movie on Netflix. I’m a homebody.

They say opposites attract, and in my situation that’s true. My husband is very social but I’m more of a homebody.

The coronavirus has made homebodies of us all!

Pop Quiz:

Which of the following would a homebody prefer not to do?

A. Go out to a movie and then afterwards eat at a restaurant.

B. Make dinner and then stream a movie.

C. Lie on the sofa and read a book all evening.

To see the correct answer, click on “Read More”:

The correct answer is A. A homebody prefers to stay home and not go out!

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