Idiom of the Week: Start Off on the Right Foot

The first Idiom of the Week of 2020!

Meaning: To begin something in a good way; to start well. Also used with “get off” or “get started.”


Let’s get 2020 started on the right foot with a wonderful new Idiom of the Week!

I prefer to start our meeting off on the right foot and talk about the good things before we move on to the bad things.

I didn’t start this day off on the right foot today – I burned my breakfast and spilled coffee all over the floor.


Pop Quiz:

What’s a good example of starting off on the right foot?

A.  Having an argument with your new spouse on your wedding day.

B.  Failing your first test your first year in college.

C.  Saying something offensive on your first date.

To see the correct answer, click on “Read More.”

Trick question! None of them are examples of starting off on the right foot! They’re actually perfect examples of starting off on the wrong foot!

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