Idiom of the Week: Heads Up

Idiom of the Week has returned!

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Meaning: To warn someone about something that’s going to happen, usually used with “give someone a heads up.”


We haven’t set the date for the party but I’ll give you a heads up when we decide.

Can you please give me a heads up before you come to visit next time?

She yelled “Heads up!” but it was too late. The ball hit him right in the face.


Pop Quiz:

What other idiom is similar to give someone a heads up?

A.  Out of the blue

B.  Out of left field

C.  Jump the gun

To see the correct answer, click on “Read More.”

Trick question! None of them are correct! A, B, and C all involved surprises, but to give someone a heads up is to warn someone before something happens.


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