Idiom of the Week: Pick Someone’s Brains

Meaning: To ask someone a lot of questions in order to learn something new or get information.


I’d like to pick your brains about buying a house because I know you used to be a real estate agent.

May I pick your brains for a few minutes? I have some questions about what it’s like being a new immigrant in New York.

I need some tips on improving my English – can I pick your brains for a few minutes?


Pop Quiz:

If you wanted to pick someone’s brains about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whose brains would you pick?

A.  A dietician’s.

B.  A plumber’s.

C.  A fitness instructor’s.

To see the correct answer, click on continue reading:

The correct answer is A & C. A dietician could give you advice about healthy food while a fitness instructor could give you tips about exercise.


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