Idiom of the Week: Eat Out of Someone’s Hand

Meaning: To be very obedient; to do everything someone wants.


Even though my boss is tough and mean, with my smile, hard work, and flexible schedule in only three weeks, I had him eating out of my hand.

The new teacher had lots of children who were naughty, didn’t listen to her and screamed all day. But she brought cakes, candy and computer games and soon she had them eating out of her hand.

You’ll never get them to eat out of your hand with your lousy attitude!


Pop Quiz:

If someone is eating out of your hand….

A.  you have food in your hand.

B.  you don’t have to ask them twice to do you a favor.

C.  they constantly complain about you.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is B. If someone is eating out of your hand, they will do exactly what you want and you don’t need to argue with them or convince them – they want to do it!

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