Idiom of the Week: Thank Your Lucky Stars

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Meaning: To be thankful that something good has happened to you or that something bad didn’t happen to you.


I wasn’t paying attention and I walked out into the street – I just thank my lucky stars no cars were coming.

They thanked their lucky stars he didn’t come to the party because he always gets drunk and starts trouble.

You make me so happy. I thank my lucky stars that you’re in my life.

Pop Quiz:

In which situation or situations would someone thank their lucky stars?

A.  After losing a wallet but then finding it again with all the money and cards still in it.

B.  After almost getting in a motorcycle accident.

C.  After buying the last available movie ticket.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answers are A, B, & C. In each of these three situations, something good happened or something bad didn’t happen – either way, somebody had cause to thank their lucky stars! 

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