Idiom the Week: What’s the Damage?

Meaning: How much does it cost? What’s the price? (Usually said when you get the bill at a restaurant.)


What’s the damage?” asked my friend after the waitress dropped off the check. “Don’t worry, dude, ” I replied. “I’ve got it.”

I was about to say “What’s the damage?” but then I realized I’d forgotten my wallet at home.

She said “What’s the damage?” but he’d never heard that idiom before – so instead she said, “How much is it?”

Pop Quiz:

What’s a good response when someone says to you, “What’s the damage?

A.  “It’s on me.”

B.  “Was there an accident?”

C.  “The damage is wonderful.”

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The correct answer is A. “It’s on me” means “I will pay” – but if you’re poor like me you should probably just say “It’s on you.”

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