Idiom of the Week: Luck Out

Meaning: To get good luck; to have something good suddenly happen to you.


I had a bad headache, so I went to the store to buy some aspirin. I lucked out – they had one bottle left.

A: “I didn’t get sick once this winter.”   B: “Wow, you really lucked out!”

She lucked out this morning and found a seat on the train. She usually has to stand because it’s so crowded.

Pop Quiz:

You’re on vacation. You can say you lucked out because you…

A.  had to wait a long time for your flight to depart.

B.  found a very nice hotel room for cheap.

C.  went to Europe.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is B. Most people would say that finding a very nice hotel room for cheap is good luck, and if good luck comes your way, we say you lucked out.

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