Idiom of the Week: Excuse My French

Meaning: An apology when you swear or curse. Sometimes expressed as “Pardon my French.”


Excuse my French, but these noodles taste like s&!#$.

I don’t understand these f*%$@!# directions! Excuse my French.

Her mother forgot she was talking to her and said a really bad word. “Pardon my French,” she added.

Pop Quiz:

When would it be appropriate to say “Pardon my French“?

A.   After sneezing.

B.  After using an expletive.

C.  After saying you’re sorry.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is B. An expletive is a swear word, also known as a curse word. It’s a little polite to say “Pardon my French” or “Excuse my French” after swearing – but it’s even more polite to not swear in the first place!

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