Three Men and an Adult Literacy Program Employee

three men and joe

Somebody who currently works at the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program once worked with famous American actors Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg in the immortal cinematic 1987 comedy classic Three Men and a Baby. The little boy in the red shirt on the right is him 27 years ago. Guess who it is in the Comments Section – and the first person to guess correctly will win these:


 If you’re not familiar with the film Three Men and  a Baby, here’s a trailer:



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4 thoughts on “Three Men and an Adult Literacy Program Employee

  1. I guess it is John.
    My reason is as below,
    1.The little boy in red shirt and John who works at University Settlement have hair in same color.
    2. The little boy looks 4 years old. John looks 30 years old. 4 plus 27 equals to 31.
    So, my guess is reasonable.

    • Correct my answer : It is Jon. I had a wrong spelling. I apologize for that ! May I still get the prize? : P

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