Idiom of the Week: The Home Stretch

Meaning: The last part of a process, trip, or race.


We only have two weeks left of class. It’s the home stretch.

He was happy they were on the home stretch because they’d been hiking for a long time and he was exhausted.

Our project is due tomorrow. We have to put in extra time and energy during the home stretch.

Pop Quiz:

How do people usually feel during the home stretch?

A.  They feel happy because they’re almost finished.

B.  They feel sad because they don’t want it to stop.

C.  They feel tired because they’ve been working very hard.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is A, B, and C. Depending on the situation, you could feel happy or sad or tired when you’re on the home stretch of something. Our last classes of the school year here at the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program are on June 19th, so we all feel very sad.



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