Idiom of the Week: Throw Caution to the Wind


Meaning: To do something dangerous or risky.


She threw caution to the wind and married him even though she knew he was a professional thief.

“Come on, throw caution to the wind!” Jennifer said to her hesitating friends.

Vincent is not one to throw caution to the wind. He’s always super careful.

Pop Quiz:

Which one is an example of throwing caution to the wind?

A.  Jumping on the back of a wild horse.

B.  Doing your homework.

C.  Bringing your umbrella on a cloudy day.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is A. Riding a wild horse is very dangerous, so if you try to ride one you’re definitely throwing caution to the wind. Doing your homework is just something you should do and it isn’t dangerous, and bringing your umbrella on a cloudy day is the exact opposite of throwing caution to the wind.

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