Idiom of the Week: Just Like in the Movies

Meaning: Said when something dramatic or exciting happens in real life.


Our eyes met across a crowded room – it was just like in the movies.

He jumped into the water and saved him from drowning. It was just like in the movies!

It was just like in the movies: the plane shook and the oxygen masks came down. I was so scared!

Pop Quiz:

In which situation could someone say “it was just like in the movies“?

A.  Getting to school on time.

B.  Waiting for the train for a long, long time.

C.  Reaching for the same apple at the supermarket at the exact same time as someone else and falling in love at first sight.

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The correct answer is C. A and B are normal, regular things that happen all the time. C is something special, something dramatic – something similar to what you might see in a movie. Or, as we sometimes also say, “Art imitates life.

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3 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week: Just Like in the Movies

  1. when I was young I had lived on three floors building I Had always been the roof looked around and got some suntan .There was Cross street from my house .

    It was a big public lavatory.One day in the afternoon I went up to the roof. I
    saw a nake corpse (very dropsy) lied by the outside lavatory but faced down .Who had long hair.I thought she was a lady.I had heard someone killed her. The manslaughter had put her in the manure(excrement) pit at midnight. That was my first time saw the ” dead
    body”,Since that I never went up to the roof again also I had nightmare,Even now I still couldn’t forgot. I believe That was just like in the movies.Horror. Isn’t it ?

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