Idiom of the Week: Kiss and Tell

Meaning: To tell other people about your romantic relationships (usually used in the negative).


They asked him what it was like dating a Hollywood star, and he said he never kisses and tells.

A real gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

Let’s keep our relationship a secret, okay? No kissing and telling!

Pop Quiz:

Which is an example of kissing and telling?

A.  Asking someone out on a date.

B.  Talking on the telephone with your boyfriend.

C.  Telling your coworker all about your ex-boyfriend.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is C. It’s definitely kissing and telling when you tell somebody you work with about your former boyfriend. The first rule of modern romance is: don’t kiss and tell!

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3 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week: Kiss and Tell

  1. One of my colleague. She have told me about all her romantic relationships. But she hated me and said ” why don’t you kiss and tell”? I said ” if you don’t keep your secret. No one will keep it for you”

  2. Sorry, I made a grammar mistake. She has told me ……….
    Joe Please check my grammar and reply to me. Thank You!

  3. Yes, you made a few grammar mistakes – but remember, we learn by making mistakes! Here’s how I would write it:

    One of my colleagues told me all about her romantic relationships. But then she got angry with me and said, “Why don’t you kiss and tell?” I said, “If you don’t keep your own secret, no one will keep it for you.”

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