Watch the video, and try to guess the connections between all the images. Hint: they are all English words used in different ways.

To  see all the connections, click on “Continue reading”:

A finger pushes the “Play” button.

They’re acting in a play.

The girls are playing in a playground.

The football coach is describing a play.

The umpire shouts “Play ball!”

The man is playing a trumpet.

You play a trumpet by blowing on it.

Another man is blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

A paper blows off a desk.

A dollar bill blows in the wind.

The wind is blowing through the trees.

A man blows his nose.

A boxer receives a blow to the head.

A blowfish is swimming.

A light bulb blows out.

A young woman is blow-drying her hair, but the blow dryer breaks down.

Somebody drops a plate and it breaks.

A boy breaks a piece of wood.

The x-ray shows a broken bone.

The lacrosse team yells “Break!”

Someone step[s on the brake.

Someone breaks at the beginning of a pool game.

A man yells into his cell phone, “You’re breaking up, man! I can’t hear you!”

A young couple is breaking up.

A young man is trying to break a TV.

A man splits a piece of wood.

A girl does the splits.

Two men share a banana split.

Someone is bowling, and they have a split.

A woman splits her pants when she bends over.

A woman has a run in her stocking.

A man is running.

A boy’s nose is running.

The blue paint is running.

The faucet is running.

A car runs a red light.

“I’m gonna run away,” a boy says. “I’m serious, I’m gonna run away.”

A plane is going to land on a runway.

The plane is flying.

Birds are flying.

There’s a fly on the ground.

There’s a fly on the jeans.

“That is not gonna fly!” an angry teacher yells.

A piano falls off a building.

A skydiver falls.

Flowers fall.

A swimmer dives.

A man falls down the steps.

An old woman on the TV says, “I’ve fallen, and I…”

There is a waterfall.

The girl is falling in love.

It’s fall.

A tree falls.

A feather falls.

“Light as a feather,” a young man at the gym says.

Light comes from the sun.

A little girl is playing with a flashlight.

A man lights a cigarette.

“Let there be light!” shouts a preacher.

There is a night light.

There are lights on at night.

There’s lightning.

We see stars in space and a falling star.

Someone hits the space key.

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