Idiom of the Week: Look Like You’ve Seen a Ghost

Meaning: To appear to be very scared or shocked.


Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

She looked like she’d seen a ghost. I later learned she’d been in a car accident.

After he heard the bad news, he looked like he’d seen a ghost.

Pop Quiz:

When might someone look like they’ve seen a ghost?

A.  After seeing an ex-girlfriend on the street.

B.  After finishing work for the day.

C.  After drinking a nice hot cup of coffee.

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The correct answer is A. You might be unpleasantly surprised to run into an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend on the street. You might not know what to say, you might feel nervous and confused. And she or he would probably feel the same way!

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4 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week: Look Like You’ve Seen a Ghost

  1. I recalled when we listened the scary ghost story from the radios. we always covered under the blankets. because the stories music very scary .Also the story
    time was at 11- 12pm .
    Joe: Do you have Halloween party tonight ?

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