October 2013 Student of the Month

The Student of the Month for October 2013 is Yue Hong Lin. She’s in class 3A. She was nominated by her teacher this year, Elsie, and her teacher from last year, Regina. She has been in the United States for four years – and this past summer she got her U.S. citizenship! Congratulations, Yue Hong!

You can watch her being interviewed by Class OP in the above video, and you can read some of her writing below. When you finish, take the quiz to test your understanding!  

My Hometown

My hometown is located in Taishan, China. I like my hometown. It’s a nice place to live. You can visit a lot of famous places like the Silver Beach, temple, and see different views. It faces the sea. In the summer, we go to the beach and spend time there.

People in my hometown are very nice and kind. They help each other. Mid-Autumn Festival is a special day for family to reunite. People will come back home and celebrate it. People eat mooncakes and fruits and enjoy the moon.

I love my hometown. I enjoy the time there because the seafood and vegetables are very fresh. People in my hometown work hard and they are lovely!


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