Idiom of the Week: In the Same Boat


Meaning: To be in the same situation as someone else; to have a similar problem


I have the flu. My brother’s in the same boat – he has the flu too.

“My wife’s mad at me again.” “You and I are in the same boat. I forgot my wife’s birthday yesterday.”

He was going to borrow money from his friend, but then he found out his friend was in the same boat – he needed money too.


Pop Quiz:

Your roommate hasn’t paid his rent yet. You’re in the same boat because…

A. you paid your rent.

B. you are going to move.

C. you haven’t paid rent yet either.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is C. Neither of you have paid your rent, so you’re both in the same boat. And the boating is sinking!

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One thought on “Idiom of the Week: In the Same Boat

  1. I have suffered diabetic last year. But my little brother’s in the same boat also.

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