May Student of the Month: Chang Wen Zheng


We’re pleased to announce our new Student of the Month, Class 1A student Chang Wen Zheng.

Watch a video below showing Chang Wen’s teacher Elsie presenting him with his Student of the Month certificate, read a short piece of writing Chang Wen wrote about his job skills, then take the quiz to test your listening and reading comprehension.

My Job Skills

by Chang Wen Zheng

I am a cook. I cook delicious food for customers daily. I have good experience in cooking. I cook lobsters and steaks wonderfully.

I clean the kitchen for one hour every day. Cleaning up the kitchen is an important part in the whole day’s work. I do not really like to clean the kitchen much. Why not? Because it is hard work!

I cut vegetables and meat every day. I can cut carrots into different shapes. If you are not careful, your hands get hurt very easily.


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