Idiom of the Week: “Raise Eyebrows”


Idiom of the Week returns! This week we’re looking at the idiom “raise eyebrows.” Eyebrows are the lines of hair an inch or so above your eyes.

Meaning: To do something that surprises people, usually in a bad way.


The teacher raised a lot of eyebrows when he entered the classroom smoking a cigarette.

If you enter a bank wearing a mask, you’re going to raise eyebrows.

She raised eyebrows when we saw her holding a man’s hand. That man was not her husband.

Pop Quiz:

You might raise eyebrows if you…

a) Find a new boyfriend one week after breaking up with your old boyfriend.

b) Do very well on a test that you studied hard for.

c) Call your best friend.

Click on “Continue Reading” for the correct answer:

The correct answer is a. You might raise eyebrows if you find a new boyfriend one week after breaking up with your old boyfriend. Everybody knows you should wait at least two weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week: “Raise Eyebrows”

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  2. The idiom of the week. return . It makes me raise eyebrow . Since Jan 3 I did not see any idioms. Welcome back.

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