Student of the Month

Meet our new student of the month, Li Juan Zou, Winnie. Her teacher is David Moss from class W2 (Saturday & Sunday 9:30AM-12:30PM).

Watch and listen to Winnie comfortably and confidently answers our interview questions . Winnie also reads one of her favorite poems. Below, you can also read the movie review Winnie wrote for one of her favorite films, Groundhog Day (and watch the movie trailer).

Winnie Zou

 Groundhog Day Movie Review

                Groundhog Day’s director is Harold Ramis. The main characters are Phil and Rita. The movie is about Phil, who keeps reliving Groundhog Day. Phil wakes up at 6:00AM every day, he wakes up to the same song and listens to the same news on the radio. At first, he tries to face the same day and tries to end Groundhog Day. He jumps off a building, he gets hit by a car and he electrocutes himself with a toaster in the bathtub, but none of this works. Also he tells his producer, Rita, but she doesn’t believe him. So he tells her about all the people in the town to prove to Rita that he is reliving the same day. Then he tries to enjoy Groundhog Day and falls in love with Rita. He tries to be nice to people he brings breakfast to his co-workers, he learns to play the piano, he does ice sculpting and he catches a kid who falls out of a tree. Finally, Rita and Phil fall in love with each other and Groundhog Day ends. “Today is tomorrow!”

My opinion is that the film’s message is telling us to enjoy our life and bad or good situations don’t really matter. People have a dream, they wonder if they are reliving the same day, there would be no consequences. People could do whatever they wanted. People wouldn’t worry about gaining weight, love handles, cholesterol or eating too much sugar. They wouldn’t worry about accidents because nobody would die. It sounds very funny and beautiful.

I like to watch Phil as he tries to end Groundhog Day and he does some silly things. He tries to enjoy the same day and he is nice with people. I like the song in the movie, “I Got You, Babe”. I would recommend this movie to my friends. I like the film because I also like to daydream.


Auguries of Innocence

To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour

This poem was written by William Blake, it is my favorite poem because it resonants with me. I think people should value what they have and find beauty from small things.

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