Staff Spotlight!

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It’s Staff Spotlight time! This week we will be interviewing Mary Staub. Mary has taught both Weekend and Evening Classes and now teaches our highest level Evening Class, E4.

This is your chance to ask Mary some questions about herself, her advice on learning English, her students or whatever you’d like. Ask your questions in the Comment Section and we will interview Mary next week…

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16 thoughts on “Staff Spotlight!

  1. Hi Mary (:

    How did you develop a passion for teaching?
    What is a memorable experience you shared with your students?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Questions from Mary from Rob’s 2C class:
    Ivy, Ena, Jenny and Shu zhen ask:
    1) Why did you move to America?
    2) Do you like your job?
    Lian DI, Judy, Jason, and Lin Ping ask:
    1) Are you married?
    2) How many days do you teach in a week?
    Irene and Alyssa ask:
    1) Which culture do you like better, American or Swiss?
    2) How long have you been in the United States?
    Dan Hong, Cui Juan, and Rong ask:
    1) Do you enjoy your life?
    2) Do you like Chinese food?
    3) How many children do you have?

    Shu Ju, Nikki, and Ally ask:
    1) Do you like pets?
    2) Do you like skiing? Can you teach me how to ski?

  3. Rob’s 2D class
    Joan, Lida, Elena, and Coco ask:
    1) Do you have another job? What do you do during the day?
    2) Do you have any family in New York?
    3) Do you have any children?
    Pinko, Feng, Yan Hong, and Ryan ask:
    1) Why did you move to NYC?
    2) Do you like to be a teacher?
    3) What do you do in your free time?
    Francisco, My, and Max ask:
    1) How did you learn English?
    2) What languages can you speak?
    Siyu, QiCi, Tony, and Yen ask:
    1) How long have you been in NYC?
    2) Are you married?
    3) Do you like to exercise?
    Mr. Happy, Joanne, and YanYun ask:
    1) What kind of food do you like?
    2) Do you like skiing?
    3) What’s your favorite sport?

  4. Hi Mary Staub: I’m in Michael Hunter’s class.How are you? I have a lots of questions to ask you.
    Do you like to read a horoscope from the newspaper ?
    What is your religion?
    Are you a optimism or pessimism person?

    What is your hobby?
    Do you like go shopping?
    What kind of movie (romantic ,horror ,comedy,etc.) and T.V. shows do you like?
    Do you like writing?
    Do you like to go to travel,( have itchy feet and travel light) ,concert,play piano?

    Do you like flowers?(what kind)
    What color do you like in your outfit?  you  like  to  wear Casule or elegant?
    Do you like to wear high heel shoes?

    ,How many best friend do you have?
    Are you live in the house or apartment house?
    Do you have A clean bill of health?

    Are you vegetarian or meat lover?
    Usually,What do you cook for brunch (breakfast and lunch)?
    Do you like coffee? (In the morning ,after you drink the 
    coffee.You  feel like walking  on   air)

    Do  you  like to  lean  Chinese???
    We  all  will  be  your  teacher.

  5. I know from my teacher you will absent in this week.Is that true?
    Can you tell me about you more? I want to know how can you become a ESL teacher which is not your native language. It must took you a lot of effort.
    I fell proud of you.
    Good job,Mary.

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