Korea and My Life

This post is by Class 2C and 2D Teacher Rob. Take a look at the photos, read what he wrote, then take a quiz to test your understanding.


Hi, everyone. After I finished college in 2005, I moved to Seoul, Korea. I lived there for one year and taught English to elementary school children. I moved back to America in 2006 when I was 23 years old. I really loved Korea; it was an exciting country with very delicious food and a fun night life. I learned to speak Korean and I had many Korean friends. My favorite food is called Dalk Do Ri Tang 닭도리탕 . It’s a spicy chicken stew.


In 2008 I missed Korea, so I went back and taught at a middle school in Seoul. It was my second time living in Seoul, and I had even more fun! My Korean improved and I made a lot of money and traveled a lot. I worked at a middle school in a rich neighborhood, where the children could speak English as well as American people. It was a very fun and easy job. I moved back in 2010 when I was 28. The second trip was better than the first. During my time in Korea I visited many countries in Asia: Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. I liked Cambodia the best.


I met a Korean girl named Seolhee at an art party a few months before I moved back to America. We didn’t keep in touch and I forgot about her. Then one day I got an email from her; she said she was coming to America to study at a language school in New York. I didn’t care, but I decided to give her my phone number, and thought maybe I would show her around one time. She called me and we met. About 20 months later we got married. Pretty funny story, right?


My time in Korea was amazing, but now it’s time for me to settle down and not spend money or have any fun of any kind. But that’s life, I guess. Enjoy your twenties and do everything you can because once you get married it’s over! Now I’m 30. I became an old man, but I’m a happy old man.


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2 thoughts on “Korea and My Life

  1. “Enjoy your twenties and do everything you can because once you get married it’s over!” Great, great line. I totally agree (just hope my wife isn’t reading this)!

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