December 2012 Student of the Month

Ally Li
Ally Li

Our final Student of the Month for 2012 is Ally Li. Ally has been with us since 2009 – but, sadly, she recently had to stop coming to classes because she got a job. Her new job is with Project Hope. Two other students, Charles and Xing, also got jobs with Project Hope.

Ally is a great student, and she participates a lot in class. We’re sorry to be losing her, but we’re happy that she found a job that allows her to help other people!

Watch a video interview with Ally below, then read a story she wrote. Afterwards, you can take a quiz to test your comprehension.

Karma: The Owl That Saved My Life

by Ally Li

Years ago, I drove to another town for vacation. It was a wonderful small town with a beach, in the south of China. A man walked behind me when I hung out on the beach. He carried a bag and said to me: “I have an owl here. Do you want to buy it?”

“No,” I answered without hesitation.

But he didn’t go away, even as I sat on the beach facing the ocean. I still felt he was lingering nearby. After a while, he came and sat in front of me and opened his bag. Suddenly, pity welled up in my heart when I saw the owl: what beautiful eyes, even though he was suffering!

I began to haggle with the man. I got a good deal at last. I took the owl and drove to the hill and sought out a clearing. I cut off the cord on his feet, and then I released him.

I haven’t forgotten that scene and how gorgeous it was! The owl stretched his wings. He didn’t fly away immediately but circled around above me once, twice, three times… then he flew across the sky.

“Good luck and be careful, baby! Don’t fall into the trap again!” I stood and watched him until he disappeared from my sight.

It was getting dark and foggy when I was on my way home. The street lamps were broken. I couldn’t see anything clearly. However, I could tell the road was slippery and that I could skid. The brake was seized up in a flash. My car lost control and rushed at the railing. My mind was momentarily empty and frozen just then. For I don’t know how long, the car was spinning in the highway. It circled once, twice, three times and then stopped in a middle place, a bridge. I could see the Pearl River under it.

A thought came to my mind: The owl just saved my life!


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9 thoughts on “December 2012 Student of the Month

  1. Dear Ally:I’m Sze I wish you remember me。 Congratulation!You win student of the month。you find a good job, I’m happy for you。 Good Luck!
    I read you story。It’s very touching。
    I wish you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Sze! I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize your name. I’m pretty sure I’ll remember you when I see you. Thanks for your kind wishes.
    I hope all is well for you, You have a Merry Christmas too!



  3. Hi Ally:Thank for your reply。You definitely know me。I‘m In Michael’s class。From 1:00-3;00. Usually I met you in the bath room。I always said Hi to You。You can check the e-mail.
    US Adult Literacy 【New Post】 What Are you Thankful for?
    “I said I’m Thankful for Michael’s teaching”
    You can see my picture in there.

  4. Ally me again Let me tell you。You have to click on
    Usadultlitercy November 21 2012 at 5:33pm Tags holidays video categories holidays URL http//。p2 cvYXVD。 O.K

  5. Hi Sze; Actually I remembered you after I wrote my message to you here. I remembered that we rode the M train twice before. I had an impression that you are so sweet and very modest.
    Anyway, thanks for reminded me.

  6. […] As our Student of the Month mentioned in her interview, there is an organization in New York who can help people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. It’s called Project Hope. To learn more about Project Hope, click here or on the image below. […]

  7. Hi, Ally. Nice picture. Nice presentation today in the party. You are really brave. Your life is so colorful. I become to envy you now. You can really be proud of yourself for what you’ve done. And your WRC classmates are really proud of you too. Two thumbs up!

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