We Have a Winner!

A week or so ago we posted a picture of Michael’s Thanksgiving dinner. We promised that whoever guessed the most correct dishes would get a prize. Well, we have a winner! The winner was Yuki from Class 4A. She had seven correct answers. Yuki will receive a copy of Ten, a collection of writing by June Foley’s Advanced Writing Class students.

Actually, another student, Sze, had more correct answers, but she was disqualified because Michael said he’d already told her what he was going to cook. Sorry, Sze!

Here are all the answers:


1. roasted turkey legs

2. chitterlings

3. candied yams

4. roast duck

5. cornbread

6. macaroni and cheese

7. collard greens

8. mashed potatoes

9. apple coleslaw

10. egg salad

11. gravy

12. stuffing

13. ham

14. apple-pear pie

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3 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. Michael.why did not you bake a whole turkey ?how can we guess that was a roast duck in the picture?It should be a turkey on Thanksgiving.:)

  2. Hi michael
    My husband kept told me that was a roast duck, but I didn’t believe him. He was a chef. He knew more than me.
    He braised his turkey with vegetabe,It was a healthy and easy way. I cooked my turkey similar like his way.

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