November Student of the Month: Lisa Zhou

Everyone say hello to our November Student of the Month, Lisa Zhou from E4. Below is an interview with Lisa and a story she wrote about her son. Congratulations, Lisa!

Don’t forget students, do your homework, come to class every day, ask questions, study hard – and the next Student of the Month could be YOU!

My Shining Son

The correct decision of people who come to America have various purposes; religion, democracy, freedom and family reunion. Families want to make more money to pursue a better life, etc. I came to the United States completely for my son.

My son has never liked the Chinese education system and he never became an excellent student in the teachers’ eyes in China. Although, we don’t like the score still is the unique standard into the college in China. The kids have to become the slaves of scores and they are very stressful also.  My son didn’t have high enough scores and he worried about getting into a good college, so we immigrated here.  That is also one of the reasons many Chinese parents like to send their children to go abroad for school.

When we got here about seven years ago, some of my friends disappeared with my choice.  They said: “China is developing very fast and it is a big and new market. There are more opportunities than in the USA. One of them even said: “If you don’t want to lose your son don’t take him there.”  “Why?”  I didn’t understand it and asked; “They have too much freedom for kids here and they are easy to follow the bad guys and give up school, especially the new immigrant kids”. My friend answered: “If so, what future will my son have?”  I was conflicted between staying here or going back. I couldn’t sleep at night even with sleeping pills. I wondered which way is the best one for my son. Did I choose a wrong way?

I got the answer soon because my son adapted to the American students life very quickly. He loves to stay here and he has doing his best.  He studied well and he tried to help others. He taught English to new immigrants in our community.  He was a volunteer, working in a Nursing home and Senator Chuck Schumer‘s office after school.  He has had an award of “Outstanding student leadership” from John Liu High School. He competed and eventually he got a full scholarship to Colby College. He has kept on the doing his best. He manages three student clubs.  He is also the assistant of the Vice President in Colby college and he is also is a student’s representative in the Board of Directors.  His teacher said to me: “You should be proud of him”.

Seven years have pass and I see my son has been growing up happy.  I think I made the correct decision I gave him in growing up environment which he adopted it.  I hope he can walk well in his life in the new country.

2012 Update: Lisa’s son has graduated and is now a successful consultant and well as a volunteer for education programs.

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2 thoughts on “November Student of the Month: Lisa Zhou

  1. Lisa is a lucky mom. Why did I say that? Because her son can adapt to the good customs here. Otherwise, the result would come out like what her friends mentioned.

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