New Student of the Month!

Our last Student of the Month for this school year is Benli Wang, also known as Charlie. He’s in Class 2C. His teacher Rob said he was a great student, and so he nominated him.

In the video below, Benli is interviewed by Class 2B – some of them are his former classmates. After you watch the video, you can read a short story Benli wrote about getting sick. After that, you can take the quiz to test your knowledge. Congratulations, Charlie!

Close the Window

By Benli Wang (Charlie)

I live in a small apartment in New York City. My bed is near a window in my room.

One night last December, I forgot to close the window when I went to sleep. That night, the weather changed suddenly. After midnight, the temperature dropped down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the weather report, it was the coldest day that winter. So I got cold.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt very uncomfortable. I had a headache, I had a fever, and my throat was sore. I ached all over. I couldn’t even go to work that day.

I had to go to the hospital and see my doctor, Mrs. Hong. She checked everything, including my throat, blood pressure, urine, and temperature. Then she told me, “You just caught the chills. Not a very serious matter. Don’t worry.”

She gave me some medicine and asked me to drink more warm water, and to get more rest in bed, as well.

According to the doctor’s advice, I did it. Two days later, I felt much better. Everything in my body returned to normal.

After that day, I have never forgotten to close the window.

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3 thoughts on “New Student of the Month!

  1. aha…referring to the window, I just want to say im not feel safe about the window of apartment in USA . I never open the window in my room at night. Last week I saw the newspaper reporting that there are two thieves who pretended to police from the window into the apartment in Flushing….it is torrible… Whatever …. Make sure u close ur windows when you left home….

    • I am actually very impressed by this short story, I think this probably outperforms the writing skills of many 2nd or 3rd generation English-speaking writers. Bravo!!! You must have a great teacher!

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