Daytime Staff Say Goodbye (For Now…)

Congratulations to Daytime Students of 2020! It’s been been quite a year! Here are our daytime staff members with a special message – and below you can see who speaks when in the video:

0:00 – Hello from Leanne, our Program Associate

0:19 – Jon, Assistant Director

1:12 – Mayra, Literacy Zone Coordinator

1:47 – Lucian, Director

3:49 – Chris, Counselor

4:42 – Jinhee, Program Coordinator

5:04 – Naima, 0A & 0P Teacher

6:33 – Faye, Counselor

7:01 – Joe, 3A & 3P Teacher

8:05 – Simon, 2A & 2P Teacher

8:46 – Wendy, Culture Club Teacher

9:49 – Dehbia, 1B & 1C Teacher

10:33 – Sunjoo, 1A & 1P Teacher

11:35 – Benson, Counselor

12:09 – Hans, CCR-A & CCR-P Teacher

13:02 – 👋🏼 Bye-bye!

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Systemic Racism Explained

Here’s a video for you explaining systemic racism. You might need to watch it more than once – and if you need to slow it down, remember you can change the Playback Speed when you click on the Settings icon. In the Settings there are also subtitles in Spanish and Japanese, and you can click here to watch a version with Chinese subtitles. After you watch, take the quiz to test your understanding!

Click here to take the quiz!

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